profile-image-bwStory. That’s my passion. I write stories that grab you and never let go. Everything I write from blog posts, sales emails, and landing pages to magazine articles, books, and ghostwritten content is powered by an emotional hook that makes people want to read and share my work.

I have always loved stories. But, I didn’t come to fully understand the power of story until I was a young lawyer trying to start my own firm. Everyone I dealt with from my clients to the lawyers on the other side had more experience than me. A wise older lawyer told me that what won or lost cases was the best story.

He explained that two competent attorneys would always cancel each other out with their knowledge of the law. Whoever could capture the imagination of the judge or jury by wrapping a fascinating story around the law could sway things in the favor of his or her client.

When I left the law behind to pursue my love of writing, I discovered that even a short story had the power to turn cold facts and soulless statistics into an intriguing and compelling read. Stories sell everything from magazines to complex B2B SaaS products.

I enjoy writing about a wide variety of different topics and industries. I love to learn. But, what is even better than learning new things is being able to communicate that knowledge to someone else in a way that is interesting and motivates them to take action or make a change in their life.

That is the true power of story.